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Turn it on and play! No need to wait for the VCO to get warm. First of all, we emphasized the tunability of the oscillator. In so many cases it’s necessary to tune the oscillator back and forth in the middle of a performance. And many cases it’s really hard to hit the proper pitch, that’s why we made up our minds to use -/+1 octave tune potentiometer…

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The heart and soul of all synthesizers is the filter. And the most important one is the low-pass filter. Our development is a modern, linear, 100% analogue filter. It works perfectly in any circumstances, and reacts “musically” within the most extreme set-ups as well. It’s very important for us to make the filter capable of receiving multiple audio signals…

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All the necessary tools in one module: SYNC LFO, NOISE GENERATOR, SAMPLE & HOLD, GLIDE, VCA & INVERTER. All through the project of developing this module, we created all those circuits one by one, which are an absolute necessity to create a sound. The purpose was to fit them all into one module. That’s how this composite and compact module…

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For the creation of a sound it is absolutely a necessity to have an envelope generator. Moreover, in most cases you need to use two of it, one for the VCF, and another one for the VCA, or for other moulations perhaps. With this in mind our DUAL ENV came into existence, with an extra feature of the GATE DELAY function. Using the own dedicated potentiometer of this function you can make the second envelope to delay.

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“Studio connect is ready” Each control output can be parameterized individually. The AS MIDI/CV Interface is a flexible controller module, which contains 4 analogue CV output, and 8 digital output. It can be connected by USB directly to the DAW, or to any other instrument/controller via MIDI. In the case of USB MIDI, it can operate as a MIDI interface, so it passes on the MIDI command coming from USB, to the MIDI OUT.

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Our MIX2GO-S is an 8 HP mixer directly designed for the smallest system, containing an adjustable mono, an adjustable stereo and a unity gain stereo channel. The mono channel has an aux send. The mixbus has adjustable stereo line, and headphone outputs. Also there’s a “one to three” passive multiples. Of the several functions it has, many can be customized by the user. Let’s see: The input gain of all the channels…

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What else can you say about a passive multiple, apart from being a very useful tool?

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