Our MIX2GO-S is an 8 HP mixer directly designed for the smallest system, containing an adjustable mono, an adjustable stereo and a unity gain stereo channel. The mono channel has an aux send. The mixbus has adjustable stereo line, and headphone outputs. Also there’s a “one to three” passive multiples.

Of the several functions it has, many can be customized by the user. Let’s see: The input gain of all the channels can be switched by the backside jumpers. It is recommended to remove the jumpers for receiving modular signals, in this case the input gain is 0dB. If you want to connect line level signal into one of the channels, then it’s recommended to use the jumpers, which allows for the +6db gain.

The mono channel has an effect Send after mono channel volume control. For effect return you can use the stereo input or unity gain 2TR IN. Output level of the “send” is switchable by the backside jumper between 0dB/-6dB, so as not to overload the guitar level effects. Besides these an HPF can be useful for the Delay and Reverb effects. It’s built in the AS SYNTHS MIX2GO-S as well, and can be switched ON/OFF with a backside jumper too.

It’s important to note that if you use the effect in auxiliary mode, then turn the DRY/WET potentiometer into WET position on the effect processor.

Summary: the MIX2GO-S is a very useful outboard. Fits in easily into any system, thanks to the line level output it can be connected into any audio interface and mixing desk. Also it’s true on contrariwise, because besides receiving the level of modular signal, it’s capable of receiving line level signal as well.

You can find the output of the MIX”GO-S on the module’s back panel too to be prepared for internal routing. The MIX2GO-S does not contain the AS701 Audio and MIDI Outboard.




Module depth: 33mm
Module width: 8HP (40.3mm)
Module weight: 120g
Connector type: 10P IDC Eurorack
Power consumption:
+12V / 30mA & -12V / 30mA
Audio in & out: HQ Audio
Audio in & out range: 10Vpp