1. The instrument has to let the musician be intuitive, inspire, and boost creativity.

2. It has to adapt perfectly to any musical and instrumental surrounding, also to find its place in the sound.

3. It has to be comfortable, easy to operate, robust and reliable. If we have it all, it means we’ve got everything altogether for a perfect instrument.

Motto of AS Synths: “Great sounds from great circuits”

Nowadays it’s widely accepted amongst manufacturers of modular synthesizers to release modules by using the circuits of an already existing synthesizer or module as they are, or occasionally rethink, redesign them.

On the contrary at AS Synths we develop our own circuits, keeping the focus on one of the most important things: high end quality. How is it happening? For example in the case of a 3340 VCO chip, we never ever used the basic schematic, but we built our own special vision around the chip. Like the precision tuning circuit, or the completely symmetrical and DC coupled waveform outputs.

In the meantime we emphasize the importance of proceeding tests in musical surroundings. Involving musicians from various genres. A common and widely known problem is that envelope generators are usually equipped with 5-7V outputs. In contrast, the electronic design concept of AS is to put 10V full scale CV outputs, and high quality audio outputs on the modules. That’s why we often use precision op-amps and other special components with lower tolerances. That makes it possible to control a VCO or a VCF on a 10 octave scale, and the VCA in full range amplitude.

Production and the testing take place under the same roof. The founder and designer Adam himself takes care of all the testing and calibrating procedures, providing a solid guarantee for the high end quality, to meet the expectations of all the musicians using AS Synths instruments.